Omaha's Lawn Sprinkler System and Landscape Lighting Experts
Well trained, supervised personnel with the proper equipment. All employees wear a company uniform.
Yes, we are fully licensed and bonded.
No, but we will need access to the plumbing in the house, and wherever you want your controller.
Yes. We repair, upgrade, service and maintain all brands of previously installed irrigation systems. We provide Spring Start-up, Early Season Check, Mid-season Check, Late Season Check, and Fall Winterization services.
We take every necessary measure in cleaning your yard. A lot depends on how strong grass roots are, whether there are large tree roots, soil dampness, soil compaction, and soil type.
A PVB is a pressure vacuum breaker that prevents the water that flows from your house into the irrigation lines from going back into the house.
Installing a rain sensor prevents your system from watering while it is raining and after it has recently rained.
It is very important to design the sprinkler system around your well's capacity. We will need to know who the well company is to find out the wells depth, static water pressure, horse power of the pump, and other infomation.
Most of our systems are installed to be blown out at the end of the season. We can install self draining systems however they require an additional investment and some yards are not perfect candidates for installing a self draining system.
We do not recommend blowing out your irrigation system with your air compressor because most residential air compressors do not provide the volume of air needed to properly blow out all of the water from the lines. We use a 185cfm pull behind air compressor to blow out your irrigation system and ensure all of the water has been removed from the lines for proper winterization. Click here if you are interested in having us properly winterize your irrigation system.
STORM IRRIGATION will call the diggers hotline before we install you irrigation system. They will mark all major public utilities in your yard so we will not interfere with any underground utilities. PLEASE NOTE: Homeowner will need to mark any private underground lines prior to installation (e.g. gas, electric, landscape lighting, invisible fencing, or drain tiles).
If you are planning on landscaping mark it out on the ground and let us know if you want it watered or not. If you already have landscaping just let us know if you want it watered separately or not.
We use a vibratory plow that pulls the pipe underground using an extremely sharp specially designed blade.
No. In fact, automatic sprinkler systems conserve water. A professionally designed and installed irrigation system can be timed and controlled to deliver only the amount of water necessary at the correct time of day. An automatic sprinkler system can prevent over or under watering your lawn.
Yes. This discount is 5 percent.

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